Global OD case number nineteen

Khun Chumsai has resigned


(Khun is an honorific before a Thai name)


Reggie Pennington (a Brit who heads Thai and Singapore Office) called me in Tel Aviv and asked me to come to Bangkok as soon as possible. Chumsai “Pine” Mookjai, (a key account manager)  has resigned. Reggie is totally dependant upon Pine to complete the Sales Cycle of the new product, which has being going on for 2 years.


Reggie told me that the hard working Pine has now accepted a job at the very client Reggie is selling to. Reggie told me he was totally surprised. Pine was working as usual and had no complaints.


Allon booked a week trip to Bangkok and had 15 meetings with Pine. Pine explained that several issues contribute to his desire to leave.

1-Reggie has no time for small talk. So he must really care only about the business and not about the people.

2-When we work late, Reggie never asks us out for a drink after we finish top chat, but tells us to go home and spend time with our families.

3-Reggie invited Tom, the product expert from corporate HQ, to meet with the client; we planned the meeting in a taxi on the way to the client, so I understand I was marginalized.

4-At the client meeting, Tom spoke with a loud voice and said he was “convinced” that the roll out would be “seamless”. That caused me huge embarrassment.

5-After the meeting we debriefed, again in a taxi. “They talked so fast that I could not contribute.  My role as their “yellow face” is over.”, and he smiled with anger.