Global OD case number fourteen

Helmut, Igor and Bowei discuss process with Samuel from Salt Lake City

Samuel is a change consultant and coach, based in Salt Lake City; he has bagged a job from a Miami based firm operating in Germany and Asia.

There are acute issues of working around the purchasing process. People in remote subsidiaries contact vendors who supply of the basis of email commitments, and Finance is then forced to pay due to local regulations.

SAP has been introduced, but folks work around the system; compliance is low.

Samuel has interviewed 3 people to find out why there is such a low level of compliance.
Helmut from Germany, who is on loan as a SAP consultant, claims that there is “no consequence” to by passing the system.
Bowei from China claims that he gets great prices in his oral and semi clandestine dealings with vendors with whom he has been working the longest time and using SAP would only “drive the price up”.
Igor from Russia claims that “ve don’t trust the system”.

Samuel, the global consultant that he is, agrees with Helmut. There is a need for consequence for non compliance.

Samuel failed to produce any change; another consultant, who name starts with A, was hired.

A Chinese-American expat was sent to China and after a year, he severedĀ  China from SAP, in coordination with the CEO.
Russian-based Igor was transferred to the Dutch office, and, removed from his vendors and under intensive scrutiny, he began to trust the system.


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