5 tips to get a very meaningful “seat” at the senior management table

I also publish a humorous blog about post modern HR: ramsbottom-lemieux.blogspot.co.il

1) Use the term “business partner” twice daily. If you did not study the business, use the term 4 times a day,


2) Deny that “business partner” means firing people by the dozen, kissing the boss’s rear end and becoming a sycophant .


3) Become a profit center. You issue a weekly news letter? Sell it to your avid readers. You doing “outdoor training”. Charge the loosing team.


4) Define your core business. Is it “firing people”? Is it writing mission statements? Is it entertainment? Once you define it, become lean and mean. Fire locals and hire abroad.


5) Learn to text quickly. 500 words an hour whilst driving is sufficient.

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