Beware of camouflaged cultural differences

Follow the process and I will trust you; when I trust you I will follow your process. Herein lies is a major difference between West and East.

Too often organizations wall paper this issue with dysfunctional ERP process or empty slogans that “we are all one team”,

Belief in the dominance of a “working and self correcting system” enables and feeds the belief in process as the cornerstone of getting things done. On the other hand, belief in the dominance of trusting relationships enables and feeds the belief in “working the network”, exchanging favours, and “off line” arrangements to get things done.

Do not fall into a trap that “we are all becoming similar” just because global business, the web and the English language have increased exposure to one another. The differences have not been diminished. There is lots of  “apparent similarity” that has camouflaged cultural differences, not eliminated them.

If you are interested in my lecture on Camouflaged Cultural Differences, contact me.

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