OD Europe Conference in London England

I just attended (and presented)  at the ODN Europe conference in Southwark London, UK.

It was a superb conference, with a diverse range of excellent material, participants of very high quality, and a high level of enagement. All this along with a sense of realism made this a not-to-be-missed conference.

Prof Patricia Shaw`s presentation with no power point , with her focus on pure dialogue as the core of OD was “a once in a lifetime“ presentation.

John Scherer`s and Amy Barnes presentation on merger work was a case in near flawless consulting.

Rob Farrands workshop on language and leadership was very enlightening.

Post modern organizational mapping tools showed us all where OD will be if we don`t go down the road Pat Shaw suggested.

So kudos to the architects of this amazing event.



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One thought on “OD Europe Conference in London England

  1. Allon, too bad you couldn’t mention your own powerful and provocative workshop on Global OD.
    No one left that room untouched by your reminder traditional OD was developed in North America and Western Europe by mostly white males. And that consultants practicing OD in global situations need to realize that not every technique, such as (‘get people in the room and have an open, honest conversation’) will work every time in cultures that are based on very different paradigms. Your examples of what can happen on a team with members from India, China, Germany and a boss from the USA and how to intervene was disturbing but compelling.
    I am not quite ready to let go of the original ‘come from’ I inherited from my OD mentors, but you have made me think about why some of my interventions in international situations worked better than others! Thanks again.

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