Trying old tricks to solve new problems won’t help cope with Mass Resignations

The treatment for depression used to be dipping the afflicted in ice water. Not that it helped very much; albeit in its time, it was a state of the art treatment.

In the Roman empire, piles were treated with onions. Of course that treatment became obsolete, even before Preparation H became available.

Hernia holders (someone to hold your hernia inside) were common; they too became obsolete with hernia belts. All treatments of cataracts (which I will not go into) caused blindness, but they were used for many years. But no longer.

Organizations are presently suffering from a lack of loyalty, resulting in high levels of turn-over. The turn over is not as high as some alarmists make it up to be (in order to make money), but it is still high. Furthermore, it has become very difficult to recruit new people.

Yet the ‘treatments’ being used are reminiscent of the onions, ice, hernia holders and hot coals on the cataract-way out of step with what the clients need.

Engagement plans, a fun environment, unlimited vacations and wow-wowism are not an appropriate elixir for the present turbulence in the job market.

The possible solutions may stem from a new way of looking at the crisis.

Here are 3 examples, all real.

Syd’s Steak House in had a 90% monthly turnover of stewards(dishwashers). As a result, all 7 branches were operating at 30% capacity. Syd’s now uses paper plates and plastic cutlery.

Alfredo’s Industrial Laundry in Afula Israel had 29 of it 50 staff resign after covid. Every morning at 7 AM, a bus now crosses the international border at Bein Sean bussing in 30 Pakistani workers from Jordan, who are now exempt for all border checks as long as they carry their magnetic cards.

It takes 5 years to become an expert program manager this cyber security plant. Experts have good relationships with the defense ministry and 4 key clients, as well as background in telecommunications , programming and system integration. 4 of 10 program managers quit since covid with devastating results. After failed exit interviews did not teach the organization anything useful, a structural change was put in place. Relationship management has now been separated from the role of Program Manager. Each relationship manager now has a second driver.

The response to the present crisis needs to be structural and strategic.

Stop using onions and ice.








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3 thoughts on “Trying old tricks to solve new problems won’t help cope with Mass Resignations

  1. אלון, לא יודע אם אתה מכיר ואם לא אז שווה. האתר של דואלוג. שולח לך קישור לדף שמדבר על פרדיגמות. אנחנו נמצאים בסופה של פרדיגמה שהייתה תקפה במשך כ – 300 שנה מאז תחילת המהפכה התעשייתית. הקורונה הייתה שריפת יער ששרפה את המודל הארגוני שהיה מוכר לנו במשך שנים ומבוסס על שליטה. הבעיה היא שעוד לא ברור מהי הפרדיגמה החדשה. אנחנו חיים בתקופה מרתקת מבחינה ארגונית/ניהולית. כי מה שאנחנו רואים עכשיו זה התחלה של יצירת פרדיגמה חדשה. עוד לא ברור עד הסוף איך היא תראה ומה המשמעויות שלה. גם בפוסט שלך אתה אומר מה לא, אבל לא באמת ברור מה כן, כי מה שעבד בעבר לא עובד היום. כי אולי הפתרונות לאתגרים של היום נוצרים רק עכשיו. וזה הרבה ניסוי וטעיה.

    • יש התרופפות של המחויבות
      כלפי המעסיק.
      יוחלף על ידי פתרונות מבניים
      ואולי תגמולים שונים
      יש שינוי לדעתי ולא מהפכה

      מהפכה תבוא במידה ותפרוץ מלחמת עולם

  2. As far as filling positions goes, if you had seen how thoroughly broken, rude, inhuman, inhumane, & unwieldy hiring processes have become, you’d wonder how any position ever gets filled at all.

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