Is it wise to send Dr Freida to Japan? Depends who you ask.

Dr Freida is a senior technology superstar who often claims that “clients need to better informed about their needs than they actually are”.  Her contact with customers is matter of fact and brilliant yet Dr Freida shies from social niceties.

CEO Bob proposed sending Dr Freida to Japan to deal with severe customer issues for a year. Bob called Sato and made the  proposal.

Sato (Japan area president) told CEO Bob that sending Freida to Japan for a year may be a good idea. Frieda may have a chance to learn about Japan and then, she can perhaps understand the importance of the customer. Till now, Dr Frieda is  focused on technology and not satisfying customer needs. Having a very  senior lady in our office is in line with what is happening in some industries.”

Bob said he was happy that Sato agreed to the proposed relocation of Frieda.

Allon (a consultant) told CEO Bob, “Hey wait a second Bob; this matter does not sound “kosher”; then Allon called Sato as per Bob’s request.

“Sato-san, am I wrong that perhaps it is best to wait a while before Frieda comes to Japan because we need to discuss it more?” Sato said: “Allon san, you very well may be right”.

After my call to Bob updating him , Bob, never a man to avoid cussing,  said, “What the fuck is this about? Allon explained that “Sato don’t want no Frieda. Use of the term may does not indicate agreement, especially since  you presented this as an almost-made decision in a hasty call. Sato also explained to you all the reasons why NOT to send her. Bob, you’ve got to start listening to what is not said”.



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6 thoughts on “Is it wise to send Dr Freida to Japan? Depends who you ask.

  1. AMEN, Allon.
    One of the core principles I used often as a Family Systems (Gestalt) Therapist was this one: ‘What is NOT talked about controls the conversation–and often runs the relationship.’

  2. Allon may have made a good point here.

    Just kidding…I’m impressed by how you got across this message only with words, since much of what is not said is conveyed via body language, facial expression and tone of voice…and yet what you are saying is clear without those other sources of information. I tip my hat to you.

  3. A reality I live every day… after 2 years I am still struggling with my bluntness in times of pressure and crisis!

    I may overcome my limitations…

    Great insight Allon!

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