How to ensure that no one in your organization cares about anything

  1. Anyone can work from home as much as they so desire as long as they get their job done.
  2. Discourage time “wasted” meetings in which there is, at times, a semi structured agenda where staff merely “chews the fat” from time to time.
  3. Use Whatsapp (or other chat platforms) as the main channel of communication.
  4. Ensure it’s acceptable for people to check their phones when talking to one another.
  5. Set very aggressive goals to bring out the best of people, but ensure the implementation of wellness plans to help manage stress.
  6. Build centres of excellence leveraging global capabilities whilst encouraging synergy without ruling out competition.
  7. Used digital based shared services to provide HR, travel and logistic support, leveraging global talent in different time zones.
  8. Strive for a work life balance except for crashes at client sites, support of strategic clients, board member requests and finance-related crises.
  9. Hire staff in the kitchen and parking lot to ensure DEI values are implemented.
  10. Never capitulate to salary demands if it breaks the system.
  11. Run critical messages by your PR department to polish them up.
  12. Acquire innovative companies, and put them under the supervision of your middle management.
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