Global OD case study number sixteen

Victor from Raleigh NC had a twenty minute call with his global team.

Here are his main messages and talking points:


1) Given sagging performance, expect to put in extra innings in the next few weeks, till the quarter ends.

2) We are the bottom of the ninth, and if things don’t get better, it’s gonna be bad news.

3) If the team will focus on selling the product road map, it’s going to be a can of corn.

4) Jane’s new idea in her email “Breakthrough” is out of the ball park. From now on, this is way to proceed.

5) If we all do the best, we can get out of the hot box.


Paul in London, Jean Marie in Québec city, Paco in Mexico City and Angela in Aberdeen sat quietly though the meeting.

Archie in Boston texted  his boss Victor after the call: “home run”

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4 thoughts on “Global OD case study number sixteen

  1. AS…knocked it out the park…illustrating how all to many Americans are so tone deaf to other countries and cultures:-)

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