Global OD case number six

Gaby is corporate Product Manager for the White-berry 12 release;

Changsurirothenothenom is product manager for Singapore, Thailand and

Following the launch, Gaby convened a con call with all product managers.
“So folks”, said Gaby, high on adrenalin from NYC, “how did this fly
in your neck of the woods”?

Jacques from Paris said that the vibes from the corporate users were
good but in the under 20 year old market this is going to be an uphill
battle; Jacques was critical of the stodgy look of the new release and
its lack of chic. He slammed corporate for sloppy work on
documentation, which lacked the level of detail needed in France.

Oliver from Germany gave a highly detailed ppt, loaded with facts
without “hi-level” conclusions. Gaby, never a patient person, wanted
to tell Oliver to shut “the fu-up” and “position yourself as a
manger”, but Gaby held back.

Changsurirothenothenom was full of praise both for the corporate users
and youth. True, the product release press conference was held at 2 am
and Changsurirothenothenom had not yet gathered data, but he wanted
Gaby to trust him, so he was effusive with praise.
Two days later, Changsurirothenothenom called Gaby discretely and gave
detailed criticism of the language interface, the lack of
documentation, and the cost which promised slow penetration.
Gaby thought that after this call, he could never really trust
Changsurirothenothenom again, since he had lied in the call.
Changsurirothenothenom thought that Gaby would now include him in his
inner circle, since his praise had been public and his criticism had
been discrete.

When this issue came to SVP HR Gloria Ramsbottom, she mentioned that
Changsurirothenothenom is a hard name to pronounce. Then she offered
Gaby some advice: “You need an expat in Asia, Gaby. It’s really hard
to understand these guys-they lie thru their teeth”

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