Four questions to determine if a candidate has global literacy.

Several times each month, I interview people who are candidates for roles which have a large degree to of global exposure to vastly different cultures. Clients ask me to provide an assessment of the candidate’s global literacy and a suggested coaching plan where relevant.

I generally ask 12 questions. I will share 4 of these questions with my readers. For these interested in what I consider “global literacy”, here is a link to another post.

1) Describe what you think are the biases of your own culture, and how do they impact the way you manage conflict, communication and teamwork.

2) Describe 2-3  behavioural patterns of other cultures which you find most challenging to deal with and explain.

3)  Respect is a term that many cultures use, yet often it means different things to different people. Explain how you would show respect, differently, to various populations that you work with.

4) How do you go about establishing trust in a society with an insider-outsider dynamic?

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4 thoughts on “Four questions to determine if a candidate has global literacy.

  1. Allon,
    This is an excellent way to scope out a candidate’s proficiency in cultural intelligence. I take my hat off to you.
    I also recognize these questions as being similar to WorldWork’s ( questions in their assessment called the International Profile. Theirs is a competency questionnaire which I could see employing with your questions.
    I would like to learn more about your work so would appreciate a website address and/or another point of contact.
    I myself am starting to write up several things I have researched and am always on the look out for secondary research to include in what I write.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am based in the Boston area of the US, having lived and worked 30 years in Europe.
    Best wishes,

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