Boss Kevin proposes an idea, and 4 of his direct reports “may” disagree

Kevin wants the new software release moved out by two weeks for the sake of simplicity and serviceability.

“What do you all think?”, asked Kevin in the quarterly meeting in Vancouver.

Adi from Jerusalem said, “Bad idea; you are waiting for a state of stability which is never achievable. I am for staying the present release day and cleaning up the ensuing mess”. Adi has no unspoken message.

Som from Bangkok said, “Interesting idea, Khun Kevin. If the new release is more robust, then it could be a good idea. Her unspoken message wascould be, but is NOT”.

Watanabe from Japan spoke about the need to fully satisfy the customers needs yet  stick to  promises and suggested lots of hard work. He rambled on and on and his position sounded  totally ambiguous. His unspoken message was “be tougher on the troops and force people to work 24 hours a day”.

Laura from Manila said she supports the idea. Her unspoken message was “This is not the forum for me to tell the boss that he is wrong”.

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