6 people make Harold angry

Harold is Brit who is managing a global team. Harold is no stranger to global organizing; in his previous role, he managed the European Division of the company for which he worked.

Now,  Harold manages the Global  Sales Force of a US based firm which sells home-diagnostic stress kits. Harold is meeting with a consultant today “because either I need to learn something, or I need to replace my staff; because I am angry all the time”.

Harold pointed out the last 6 cases where he found himself aggravated

Frank from Boston is very gung ho, spewing false positives about the product in internal meetings. In a recent discussion about some of the products limitations, Frank said,”Guys, let’s just focus on believing in ourselves”.

Carlos from Buenos Aires rambles on and on and on. He has a serious problem “staying focused” and by the time he finishes talking. Harold does not know what he is talking about.

Oya from Tokyo is always trying to get out of meetings “because of a client commitment” . Harold wonders what is amiss because Oya is not selling anything yet his expense account is sky high.

Menashe from Israel argues all the time. Even if Harold makes a comment about the weather, Menashe will correct him.

Gloria, his HR business partner, is brainless and highly motivated. She and Frank are always initiating “team building” enabled by cooking or horseback riding. Furthermore, Gloria is very non discrete and serves as her master’s voice.

Morris from Perth is constantly blaming HQ. Even if there is no parking, Morris will attack the ignorant folks in HQ, who know nothing about Australia.

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