5 errors Israeli managers often make with their American counterparts

1-They blend discussion, arguing and negotiation at the same time. Americans appear to resent the constant negotiation and the elephant (intuition as per Haidt) leading the driver (ratio).

2-Israeli organizations often tell  clients what they really need which upsets their ‘satisfying clients’ American counterparts.

3-They misinterpret American unwillingness to be blunt as a weakness. They do not often understand cultural clues, forcing the Americans to be “overly” direct.

4-They reopen oral decisions, not understanding that this is a trust buster for Americans, although not for Israelis.

5-Israelis are far less politically correct that their American counterparts. And even when the Israelis adopt the PC lingo, it’s more fake than real. The Americans smell it from a mile.

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6 thoughts on “5 errors Israeli managers often make with their American counterparts

  1. Hi Allon,
    Thanks for the useful blogs.
    There are a couple of issues I’m not sure I agree with. In the many years that I have been teaching Israelis how to work with Americans, I’ve never heard an Israeli say that the Americans are informal – on the contrary, they often perceive Americans as being private, over polite and distant. Could you elaborate on that tip?
    Also, when you speak about Israelis not understanding the cultural clues, do you mean “political correctness?”

  2. Margot
    Wheh compared to colleagues in SEA or Japan, Germany or UK, the US managers are informal. This is the context.
    I mean PC but not only PC…..example….”.nice try ” means wrong; “i suggest “means I want, “How about doing” means do,
    Many don’t get it,

  3. in an another blog you indicated that reopening a decision made is also a no no for Israelis. have I misinterpreted your meanings.

  4. I should have been clearer.
    Israelis are legalistic.
    Once a deal is signed, it is carried out to the letter.
    Until it is signed, it is always negotiable.
    Sloppy on my part

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