Why are Israelis so willing to vaccinate-a glimpse into Israeli culture

More than six million Israelis have been vaccinated; by March the economy will fully reopen (already happened) , with nearly universal vaccination for populations-in-danger, and anyone else who wants to put an end to the hellish existence of the past year.

In this post,  I will underline the cultural underpinnings which explain the willingness of our population to roll up their sleeve and take the jab. True, the government and our superb public health system did procure and provide logistic support for this endeavour, but that alone does not explain the willingness of the population to get jabbed. I trust that this short post add another layer of explanation

  1. Israelis are risk tolerant.  It starts with our history. The ingathering of the exiles from the Diaspora into Turkish and then British-mandated Palestine, into what is now the State of Israel, was always a high risk endeavour (which most Jews opposed until the Holocaust).  Against all odds, from the late 1800s until today, almost every single achievement has been achieved by risk taking. Many risks paid off; many others fail. But bottom line, we owe our existence to our risk tolerance.
  2. Israelis have a proclivity for action. Israel was a pioneer society, with something of a wild mid-west mentality. There still remains  an anti-intellectual streak which values doing over thinking. In Chinese, there is an expression “should I push at the door or should I knock at the door?”, which is used to describe dithering and dawdling. We do not have that in our culture-we do. Often with poor results, but usually with huge success.
  3. Fast and dirty. We bypass process, then mop up. Process takes the back seat to speed. Speed is strategy. Software is released quickly, then we clean up, We build apartments, then roads. We take the vaccine, and mitigate the fear of side-effects.
  4. Life is hard, and then you die, so cheer up. Life here means inevitable hardship-wars, terrorist attacks, threats, endless security checks when we travel, high taxes, shitty government and a religious minority trying to shove religious observance  up our asses. So cheer up and enjoy life while you can. Israel is a place with lots of fun and action. We do anything we can do to enjoy life. Drink, party, liberal sexual mores, great comedy, lively bohemian scene, great food, music and innovation. Get vaccinated, then be merry… until shit hits the fan, which it inevitably will.

Hope that sheds light on what’s happening. And on Jan 19th, I get the second vaccine. (Happened-no side effects)

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11 thoughts on “Why are Israelis so willing to vaccinate-a glimpse into Israeli culture

  1. “Risk tolerant”… that’s a nice laundry phrase for what seems to me – “Rushing like a herd of sheep down the slope, participating in one of the largest human subject research in medicine history, for the benefit of a company with record of fraud, and even paying for this field test exorbitant amount of money, the sum of which will become public domain in 30 years from now.”
    Good luck with your 2nd shot.
    Avner Efendowicz, Tel-Aviv

      • Allon, that’s exactly my point (and “thank you for making my point”- Sean Connery) – when you need to make a rational decision, the last things you need are bad advisers, such as anger and fear. Which is what you are asking me to feel.

        When I’m 71 (not so far away), I won’t die choking, because I have a very strong immune system, a natural one. The one that most of the population must use and maintain and cherish. For those who lack the natural protection, I would advise to get the shot. But not as part of a massive field trial, carried out for free, and being used by cynical politicians to cover up for their colossal failures.

        Good health,

        • I am probably as anti government as possible without being seen as a traitor.
          I have the constitution of a horse but one bout of pneumonia was enough to prompt me to get the vaccine.
          תהיה בריא

          • I’m glad that you took it, if you felt the need. Ease of mind is also very important for your health. I just wish that everybody else would be as thoughtful and critical as you are. Stay safe and keep posting.

          • Well, I AM officially a Traitor…

            At least, you did consider the situation and made a rational decision to take the shot. Good for you.
            Stay safe and healthy.

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