The Global Mindset, as presented by John Scherer

A colleague and good friend of mine John Scherer just released a video about the Global mindset, based on my last posting on this subject.

John’s Wiser@Work is well worth subscribing to, as of December 3rd.

The video is here




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4 thoughts on “The Global Mindset, as presented by John Scherer

  1. Great presentaion. At the beggining Iwondered about the statements but then I felt relieved when I realised the answers to all of them are NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Aren’t we all driven by our bible of cultural and personal “shoulds” including the one dictating that we “should” say no to all of the questions posed by John perhaps to demonstrate we stand with the top end of illuminated Gobal Mind Setters. I like the tone with which John presents the questions, the introductory context that serves as a background for posing them and his personal stance with some (e.g. “This one was a tough one for me”). When listening to the questions open-mindedly and open-heartedly, I can easily get curious and interested in what is behind my “Yesses” and “Nos” both culturally and personally.

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