Have you sold your soul as an OD consultant?


Before you start reading: Although this is a short post, several links are provided. These links provide illustrative and satirical support for the point I am making.The links are well worth reading.

The crisis OD is facing has caused many practitioners to sell their soul. Now “selling one’s soul” is a tough thing to admit, and we all probably look at other consultants and claim that they, not I, have sold out.

So I prepared a short quiz that will indicate the degree of having sold out.

There 6 signs may indicate the severity of the sell out. I am not going to define what this means, because, like pornography, we all know it when we see it.

The Quiz:

If you agree with 3 of these statements, we know what profession you are in, so please quote the price.

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8 thoughts on “Have you sold your soul as an OD consultant?

  1. Spot on–as an internal I have sold about 45% of my soul. the rest is practicing surreptitiously getting the clients to believe that it was their ideas in the first place. The hardest part is getting them to acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place.

    As always thank you from the Big Apple,

  2. Thanks Allon – excellent … well stated … a very important message…. something we all need to have a ‘self-check-in’ from time to time… right on target… !!!!

    Havn’t sold-out yet … I know the cost in and the gifts…. even through the tough times…

    …starting to appreciate your wit…


  3. I can recall two distinct opportunities where I could have sold my soul. In both cases, they implied working for a large consulting firm. Both knew the price of everything in the OD product line, both ignored the value of OD.

    I could have been a millionaire….really.

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