Global training session fails

Esti (f) is Global Training Manager for a Israel based global firm with 8000 people employed worldwide. Well, to be more accurate, Esti had this position. She was “let go” after a two week long global training program (held in Singapore) for two levels of mid level management failed miserably.

5 things happened that caused the session to fail:

1) The folks who came from Asia (34%)  felt totally overpowered by the Dutch, Israelis and Americans who were constantly asking questions and not respecting the lecturer.

Lesson: Not all people learn the same way.

2) Lots of “fun” was factored into the two week session  (like swimming, hiking); the resistance to take part of the 7 folks from more conservative cultures (Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia) was not expected and caused a unspoken row.

Lesson: Going into a pool to have a dip is not shared by all as being fun.

3) Many of the US and Canadian lecturers asked the audience questions directly, and caused a huge loss of face in 3 cases when 2 of the more senior people who were asked did not know the answers.

Lesson: No learning can occur when people lose face.

4) It was “suggested” that cell phones be turned off, not required. The Indians and Israelis were constantly texting and taking calls.

Lesson: No mobile phones is a must. Not on mute-no phones at all.

5) One very important session given by a leading  Israeli scientist had “required reading”. When the lecturer discovered that 4 (out of 30) people had not prepared, he said, “Well you SHOULD have prepared”. And then he gave a 20 minute break for participants to do the reading, which caused many folks to “check out” and not return after the time which had been allotted for reading.

Lesson: Castigating people, and then showing consideration (a very Israeli characteristic) is not a universally shared trait.

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5 thoughts on “Global training session fails

  1. – these are great examples to learn from – thank you!

  2. This are axe-cellent – and have given me an insight for my own work. I wonder if management realizes how important these insights are.

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