George swallows a fishing hook

On a fishing expedition

It was warm and sunny; a perfect Tel Aviv spring day last Saturday. George and I went to the beach where he was unleashed and allowed to run free for two hours

As we walked on our 12 kilometer walk, I listened to Radio Swiss Classic and George played with other dogs, took an unauthorized dip in the cold Mediterranean and feasted on pitta, kebab, steak bones and what have you left behind by the night crowd before the cleaning squads had arrived.

After two hours, George and I headed home. At the first stop light, I noticed a fishing line hanging from his mouth. I thought it was just stuck in his teeth so I opened his mouth and saw it was not attached to his teeth. I gave a pull and nothing happened. George felt no pain at all; he was wagging his tail and licking my hand.

I was worried sick however. I drove to  the vet, Dr Yuval, whose clinic is open  and fully staffed on Saturdays. Dr Yael, the duty veterinarian, made several efforts to extract the line and when that failed, she took an X-ray. “It’s not good. He needs urgent surgery. I will call Dr Yuval to come in to operate. It will take time. He is up north”.

Dr Yuval was tending to his vineyard in Zichron, which is an hours drive from the clinic. Within 40 minutes, Yuval ran in, and George was put under the knife to extract the fishing hook from the muscle where his esophagus meets his intestine. The surgery took a long time. And I watched it on a monitor, feeling that I just cannot let him go though this without me being as close as I can.

Under the knife-George’s stomach

I was terribly  upset before during and after this incident. I also felt guilty for unleashing George and trying to pull out the fishing line.I told myself  that I wish that  this was happening to me and not to George.

“Go home and come back at 9 pm (in 7 hours)”, I was told.

Take me home

As directed I returned to the clinic, shaking like a leaf. George pulled himself to his feet, although he was certainly not wagging his tail. That’s for sure.

After a course of antibiotics, tender loving care, half a chicken a day and a few pain killers, George has fully recovered, playing Frisbee, having great sex with his favourite  pillow and begging me to replace his dog food with yet another roasted chicken.

Thanks to Dr Yuval and Dr Yael.

אין כמוכם

Back to normal




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6 thoughts on “George swallows a fishing hook

  1. So very very glad that George is ok. I can completely understand how terrifying it would be – and think it is both wonderful and amazing that your vet is so dedicated. Glad George is doing well and enjoying both his pillow and chicken!

  2. Somehow, those furry creatures become so important to us. They grant us love with no attachment to any outcome. Wordless, they lick our hands, our face; they wag their tail, cuddle up to us, to which we add our own words. They get the tone of our connection to them.

    Mine was named Diva, an all black German Shepard. The feelings I experienced when she passed away brings forth the tone of your state of heart, Allon. I am glad George is recovering, as you. I am moved from your kindness and caring. From my premise that “how we do something is how we do anything”, I get the nature of your relationship to living and life.

    Bless you,man

  3. Allon,

    Thank you for sharing your story. We have a dog as well. She is a great companion to us, just as George is to you. I’m very glad everything is working out.
    More chicken!

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