From bad to worse: Corona in Israel

Israeli summers are hot and whilst wearing a mask, they are hotter. It is almost unbearable to wear a mask all the time when outside. But wear a mask I do, because Corona is everywhere. It is lurking in every meeting, in stores, on handles, and on elevator buttons. In car washes, on paper money, on buses, trains and on banisters.

Not in pools however. Because the pools are closed. Synagogues, where so many people have become ill, are open yet pools are closed. Yes, the virus has created a lot of hatred and sectarianism as well. As if that was lacking.

Every plan is tenuous because people are coming in and out of quarantine. And if  they are in quarantine and Zoom is being used,  be prepared for chaos  because for some very strange reason, Zoom has voice issues in Israel. Voice issues meaning no voice. Just to be clear.

Poverty is ubiquitous. Closed stores, depleted goods, grim faces and seething anger as things go from bad to worse.

My hands are raw from washing and I find it harder to go out of my home each day to work for fear that I will be infected. Indeed I am in (very) good shape for someone my age but I am, alas, a bit frightened. Strangely enough and against all odds, I have a lot of work, all of it face to face. We sit 2 meters apart with doors and windows open.

Recently I have been reading a lot of leadership biographies: de Gaulle, D’Israeli and Truman. I do wish someone like Truman was our leader now, or even like a Disraeli.

But we are led by ineffective, corrupt, and idiotic scum. Each member of our government fought battles about “who could reopen fastest”, and we all got fucked.

Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Mudville—mighty Casey has struck out.


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6 thoughts on “From bad to worse: Corona in Israel

  1. You need to write a novel. For the first time I hear a common feeling from friends in Israel, that their leaders have no interest in the people, only care about themselves.
    Stay safe. I will miss my visits for who knows how long!

  2. Sorry to read this latest update, Allon. Sounds bad. Here in the U.S., we also have a worsening situation in thirty some states, though where I am in the metro NYC area, we seem to have gotten things somewhat under control. But that could change. Stay safe!

  3. We are used to getting bad news from Israel but not the self-destructive kind. Netanyahu has borrowed a page from Trump’s playbook. Sad. What is surprising notwithstanding ineffective leadership is history and the Israeli mentality to overcome stark obstacles no matter the cost. Mostly because Israel could never afford to lose, not even once. Here in Canada while we face as well the requisite school opening challenges this fall we have surprisingly focused nationally coast to coast on beating this and its been working well. Masks are mandatory pretty much everywhere. Borders remain closed. And will stay closed likely till January 1. Sports is starting up with no fans in the arenas. We are a grumpy and frustrated lot but also to my surprise understand that decisions aren’t binary like in the USA – we don’t debate yes or no. We figure out the “what” to a strategy that says win, and beat this. Allon – you are scared, and have every right to be and our hearts go out to you. What scares me is by the time a vaccine in found the binary decision-making process of to take or not to take it will kick in, versus take the damn thing as fast as possible. Having said all this, my bet is still on Israel to persevere, find the vaccine, and have Iran call you to ask if they can have some please.

  4. You sue you’re talking about NetanYA-HOO & not The Narcissist, Allon?

    & FWIW, here in the DC area we’ve had 14+ days of 90+º weather with high humidity.

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