What to do about unions? A warning to Israeli HR managers.

Now that the work force is being unionized and almost daily, the Histadrut conquers new ground, HR needs to move rapidly to redefine itself.

Here are the top 5 transitions which need to happen.

1) Speak the Truth to Power.

2) Provide your CEO with risk management analysis what happens to his business if he treats people like spare parts.

3) Talk to your CEO like the external auditor or external legal counsel does, not like a syncophant.

4) Be careful of being careful, because it is you who will be blamed anyway.

5) Prepare for worst. Being optimistic is TOTALLY dysfunctional

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2 thoughts on “What to do about unions? A warning to Israeli HR managers.

  1. If HR has becomes a handmaiden to ruthless management, then it’s not surprising that unionism will revive.

    Often, senior managers need to be outfitted with a bit & bridle and saddle & stirrups. The rider will be either HR or much more adversarial unions. Senior management’s choice.

  2. Chuck
    Once Israel had cutting edge HR.
    Much of it is now compliance, pc, COPensation and”axing”.
    Reasons: 2008; Americanization, lack of memory what it was like when there were strong unions.
    Now the pace of unionization is life a forest fire gone mad.

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