Delegation skills and culture

Those wishing to promulgate delegation via skill training and via a “culture change” would be best to consider some observations about cultures where delegation runs against the grain.

1) In many cultures, delegation is seen as unfair downloading of responsibility. “If you are a tiger, rule the mountain.”

2) In many cultures which are survival oriented and have a paranoid streak, delegation is seen as setting up a victim to blame.

3) In cultures where there is a healthy and real work-life balance (and not merely lip service to work life balance), delegation may be seen as negative to the balance.

4) In entrepreneurial cultures where people look beyond their role and see the organization end to end , delegation on “some issues” but not all relevant parameters, is seen as highly manipulative. A customer service agent who is delegated “total responsibility” for the customer, yet cannot provide input on policy is a good example.

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