5 counter intuitive tips on managing Israeli engineering and development teams

1) A very aggressive demand is more motivating than a “reasonable” demand. Make almost impossible demands.

2) Let the Israelis complain as much as they want. Complaining need not be taken all that seriously. It is a stress-releasing mechanism. Unlike some nations, many Israelis are more obedient once given the freedom of speech. Once free to complain, they are compliant.

3) Refrain from overdosing on plans. Israelis may look at plans as a semi futile exercise, or worse, as a waste of time and energy. As far as process is concerned, allowing the Israelis not to follow process in some cases may better  leverage their creative capabilities.

4) Be as emotional as you want. Israelis accept a high level of emotional involvement at work. You can raise your voice, disagree without cleansing your words, and show anger openly. This will augment the level of trust people have in you.

5) Use “urgent” and “immediate” as your tools of motivation. Israelis do urgent things very well; they struggle with routine.

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