OD is not winning a popularity contest

Often at the end of consulting offsite, HR is interested in a summary questionnaire “to get a feel of how well it went.”

There are 3 major reasons to fight this practice tooth and nail:

1-It takes time for things to sink in. Administering such a questionnaire so early in the game makes no sense whatsoever.

2-Often, OD interventions need to be highly unpopular. Allowing  participants to give feedback at inappropriate time is counter-indicated for effective change. It also equips HR with a tool to beat up the consultant if the session wasn’t “wow”ish. Weak HR (and many many HR folks are as such) needs fun and popular sessions, which may them look good because everyone feels good! OD needs an effective outcome.

3) Questionnaires are never sensitive enough to get any meaningful feedback on an OD process.

My recommendation is that the OD consultant reach an agreement vis s vis this issue with the direct client and the HR manager. If a Gloria is involved, she should be left out of the loop and informed by the client of the decision.

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