Things to avoid when consulting an over committed organization (revised)

This is the 3rd of 5 posts on over committed organizations. To understand this article in context, one needs to read the previous post.

Here are 5 things to avoid when consulting organizations which have severely over committed to clients, and as a result, have the pathology described in this link.

1) Do not whine to management that employees are stressed. You will be branded as a unionist, but far more important, this is a symptom which is un-treatable in the context of over commitment.

2) Do not overstate the case for the need for de/re commitment of deliverables; management has no tolerance for panic . . It is best to mildly understate the case.

3) Make sure that as a consultant, YOU do not over commit to the client. Over committed clients often drag you into their madness and you become infected with what you attempting to cure.

4) Do not lobby for more development resources. Often in a  severe over commitment, a company needs less resources which  are better coordinated in order  to deliver.

5) Do not ignore the legal input of over commitment. To best manage the  de-commitment consulting process, a consultant must have a firm grasp of the legal playing field, especially client fines and regulatory issues.

Now, to read which interventions work, read this. 

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