5 major changes in OD in the past ten years

1) Despite the sweet talk, many organizations no longer value the human resource; rather people are seen as “spare parts”. The importance of the human aspect, the compelling reason to use OD, has been eroded.

2) HR, the classical entry point for many (though not all) interventions, has become more sycophantic than ever,serving the status quo. Furthermore, many of those in the HR role have either an HRIS or semi-legal background. Thus, the HR entry point which was always a problem is now a major contaminating factor of how effective OD interventions can be.

3) Information technology means less face to face interactions; we teach swimming but there is no water.

4) Globalization has left OD far behind; the values of OD are Western and European. OD is way out of step with Asia, Japan, and the Middle East.

5) To adapt to a market place with no professional standards except market forces, OD sells products, not services; we negotiate with procurement, not with the client. Yet OD is not a product, but a service. This has led to the dumbing of OD.

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