3 critical success factors of working in acute diversity

In the next few posts, I shall relate to what are some of the critical success factors in “working across” acutely diverse cultural borders in global organizing.

1) Cultural Humility:  This means that “my way may not be the “right” way, or even “the only way” to get things done.

A mindset of humility enables stepping back and observing one’s own behaviour as part of the obstacle course which needs to be hurdled in order to be effective in acute diversity.

2) Superb trust-creation skills : “Work gets done by building trustworthy relationships at every possible juncture and in all directions;  leveraging these relationships gets things done.”

People with superb trust building skills view relationships as organizational “net worth”. Folks with this skill set assume that relationships (not only organizational design and  role clarity) are the key enabler of effectiveness in acute diversity.

3) Patience: “Haste gets you no where in acute diversity” is a good rule of thumb.

Acute diversity is a tough nut to crack and “apparent” resolution” of issues is easy; the “real McCoy” takes longer. A quarterly 5 day tour of “remote locations” to “get things moving” is severe self deception.

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3 thoughts on “3 critical success factors of working in acute diversity

  1. While I certainly endorse these I feel a bit like an organizational Diogene’s in search of not simply an honest man but one with cultural humility, ability to create trust and patience. Does such a person exist across the global framework? I can’t even find them within one cultural context !!!

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