Ten questions: Do I have a global mindset?

These ten questions access the extent of your global mindset.

  1. Do you believe that discussing contentious issues openly in a group setting can generally help resolve issues within very diverse teams in a global organization?
  2. Do you believe that interdisciplinary teamwork is seen universally as a positive attribute of organizational behavior in all cultures?
  3. Do you believe that time, as a resource, should be universally valued?
  4. Do you believe that being authentic with your emotions is generally considered a healthy thing in the work place?
  5. Do you believe that some degree of participatory decision making is something folks all over the world subscribe to as desirable in organizations?
  6. Do you believe most people in the world want their managers to delegate authority?
  7. Do most people agree that telling your boss what he wants to hear, and not the truth, constitutes a lie?
  8. Is transparency valued in most cultures?
  9. Can a well -defined corporate culture bridge all cultural differences?
  10. Are the terms “trust“ and “respect“ universal enough to serve as a bridge for the inevitable challenges of global organizations?

For every question that your answer is YES, my suggestion is that that you work on upgrading your basic assumptions and skills in order to develop relevant capabilities to be effective in the global organization.

Here is a video on this subject, by John Scherer.


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