3 counter-intuitive things about the OD profession

Here are 3 counter intuitive things you may want to ponder about the OD profession.

1) Pricing

Start at a reasonable price, prove your value and over the years, adjust your price structure? Wrong. Once a company has paid you $100 dollars an hour for what you do, they will never pay your $5000 dollars a day. And, the more a clients pays, the more value is perceived in what you deliver, as long you are in the general direction of addressing the clients’ needs.

2) Entry Point

Start with middle management and work your way up? Wrong. Consulting is like the British TV series Upstairs, Downstairs, i.e., highly stratified and class based. If you start with the plebeians, you may well stay there.

3)  Results

Ensure that results can be measured? Wrong.OD provides clear and tangible results, which are apparent to all, although they may not be measureable with a yardstick. Furthermore, often there is a downturn before things get better and too much obsession with measurement may be used to sideline an OD effort, especially by HR and Training who (if unprofessional) will feel threatened. If OD is working its tricks, everyone will know it.

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