Global OD Case study number one

The launch of 3.7 was bumpy.

The Key Account Manager for the unhappy client went to the CEO and complained that all business could be lost “unless we show a road map of corrective action” in a timely manner.

A meeting was convened, led by Fred, the US based head of R&D.

Humi from Israel paid no heed to the “moaning” of the Key Account Manager. “These product releases take time to stabilize let’s roll up our sleeves and start working. I’ll fly to the client site tonight.”

Fred from the US said that “an overall high level comprehensive plan” is needed-then “you can fly wherever you want, Humi”.

Jai from Thailand smiled during the entire meeting-her team had developed a major component and she was very embarrassed. “What are you laughing at, Jai? What is so God damn funny? (Fred hated “the Orient”, it is too hot”, he complained.)

Hans, the German PMO wanted “detail before we “mof” on”. And he stared delving into detail which drove the other team members to distraction.


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