C’est moi

I am 69 year old OD Canadian-Israeli consultant, specializing in acute global diversity, post merger integration, interfaces between HQ’s and their “remote offices” and working with senior managers/teams to acquire global competency.

I work with Fortune 500 companies, family businesses, start ups, individuals and Boards in India, the Mid East, Europe, China South East Asia and North America.

I am obsessed and appalled by  the western bias of OD and hope that before I die, I can make a difference to rework OD’s value to global organizing.

I am an atheist, left wing yet realistic, disgusted and politically isolated. I am a stranger in my homeland.

I am multi lingual, educated at McGill (Montreal) and Hebrew University (Jerusalem).

I was a runner for many years. Now I walk 12 km a day or swim 40 laps.

In my spare time, I read voraciously, walk stray dogs, take care of Georgie-boy (my dog), study history, and avoid television. The latest books I have read are the Automobile Club of Egypt and John Irving’s new book, Avenue of Mysteries.

I am a great fan of Radio Swiss Classic, and never miss the daily  Haaretz and the weekly Economist. 

I author the Gloria blog, which saves me mental health charges. I am a nonconformist, an acquired taste and in some ways, a “most peculiar” man.

I have 4 grandchildren, and I had a British grandmother.


.                                                              George(s)


One thought on “C’est moi

  1. Hello Allon,

    I am a graduate student of organization development at Sonoma State University. I came across your blog by my desire to learn more about the peculiarities of doing OD work with start-up businesses. I read your post and would love to learn more. Perhaps you’d be willing to do an interview with me or point me in the direction of some further learning?

    Thank you for your consideration!


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