Imposition of process and focus

Many folks believe that following a process enables and facilitates work flow and effective interaction between people and units. These same folks believe that acceptance of the dominance of process is, or should be, universal in global organizing. Thus, deviance from process is something that needs to be corrected, either via discipline or regulated by software-policing.

Worship of process is by no means universal. In many cultures and within all cultures, there are folks believe that process enslaves, blinds and debilitates human creativity. Many folks believe that process serves a certain order that needs to be smashed in order to create value. These same people perceive that human ingenuity is stifled by process. These same people believe that process is something that people can hide behind to limit commitment to success.

The same can be said of focus. Focus (thrust upon us by structured discussions and well prepared power points), keep folks on the same page, drive things forward and ensure we are on the same page. Indeed? What about the people and cultures who think associatively, use circular logic, ramble and arrive at conclusions when there is less focus.

I suggest we look at process and focus more as preferences and less as a religious doctrine that needs to be force fed. Focus and process should be applied contingent on cultural and situation.

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